Enhance Customer Service and Customer Engagement with our deep understanding of Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning.


The NLP engine and the algorithm flow is designed in such a way that it customizes to identify quality leads for the business and use cases intended. This makes the chatbot completely optimized for the specific needs.


The chatbot platform engine and flow is built in a way to support multiple channels such as web, mobile applications, Whatsapp and other communication channels efficiently.  This helps cover all the use cases internal or external to your organization.


Integrate the data and the insights with your CRM system, mobile app, website, database with easy APIs. This enables  the data, processed insights and useful information from the chatbot to directly integrate with the systems being in use, and the dashboard provided is just optional.


AVES (pronounced as “ei.veez”), the Virtual Assistance Engine from DataHive Labs is built by very experienced data scientists and computer scientists keeping in focusing on its implementation for different businesses, the scalability, user experience and different hooks to efficiently catch and engage instantly with particular phrases, words, queries, leads etc. AVES is not a no-code and do-it-yourself bot even though it has huge automations and learning at the backend, this is because the experts working would like to optimize solutions for the corner cases automations do not work perfectly at. Do not leave any stone unturned to not hear you and analyze your needs before automations take over. The experience tells that businesses went from a basic requirements to adding multiple focused AI engines when talked to the AI and NLP experts. 


Customer Satisfaction or Prospects into Customers - Both flows optimized to the best with AVES

Analytics Dashboard

AVES is coupled with a state-of-the-art Analytics Dashboard with features such as unanswered questions to review and improve the implementations for the use case. All other basic features such as chat analytics, lead analytics and more are standard.

AVES Differentiation

Action Oriented

AVES is built to support actions hence moving your workflow to self-service. AVES has a complex bot engine underneath, supporting question answers as well as varied “actions”.

Multi-Language Support

AVES supports languages other than English and it is possible that your language choice is already supported in the language engine used or else the support can be added immediately.

Integrates with your CRM, Tools

API integration is the key offering and AVES supports most CRM system integrations and messenger integrations, making the workflow seamless. 


Ashish Mahajan, CEO of PropStory on the benefits of using chatbots in Real Estate customer engagement and services.