Our Offerings

Transforming Industries Through The Power Of AI

Providing B2B products and consulting to stitch the data story, making the organizations more efficient various aspects


chatbots and NLP

Understand the nuances of technology, how to structure the conversations for successful chatbots.



AI based solutions in primary and preventive healthcare


Analytics and deep AI in Finance to save time, reduce cost and add value


Industry 4.0 And Ai

Enable predictions, pattern recognition, anomaly detection in large data sets. Data infrastructure using IoT solutions.

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Offer retailers the complete AI tool set. Ability to personalize each interaction with their customers for a better experience.


Sales And Marketing

Innovative ways to advance the businesses leveraging customer data. Experts in Forecasting, Upselling, Cross-selling, Lead Scoring with AI algorithms.

Data Processing

Data Engineering

Build data processing pipelines before analysis, using the data ingestion and ETL techniques. Data processing or preparation takes 60-80% of the whole machine learning or deep learning solution pipeline.

Data Analysis

Data Science

Possess this core strength of analysing data to arrive at the insights using machine learning, deep learning algorithms or ensemble methods with a wide range of data types.

Workflow Integration


Integrating machine learning model into your workflow in a scalable way and develop tools and dashboards to visualize the results